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Personal one on one Functional Synthesis lessons are available by appointment. Learn to put your back pain behind you and move powerfully into your life.

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Five minute animated exercises for back pain relief

Desk Trainer Man ImageThese exercises immediately provide the brain with new information creating new possibilities. Better posture, increased mobility, pain relief, enhanced concentration, a positive body image, and a new sense of self.

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  • Are you looking to relieve pain or limitations?
  • Do you want more from you life?
  • Do you want continued vitality and fitness?

The Anat Baniel Method(sm)

The Anat Baniel Method(sm) (ABM) helps people of all ages find relief from pain and limitation, increases vitality, and provides tools for lifetime fitness. You can feel better, move easier, and improve the quality of your life more quickly than you might imagine.

Based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, and increasingly validated by scientific theory and studies on the how the brain works, many people are finding results that are astounding. ABM can teach you to use movement to awaken your brain, change connections, and make new patterns. These changes create differences that you can use in your life.

You don't have to wait until you experience pain to begin improving. While those with painful limitations can find relief, professional athletes, musicians, actors, writers, CEOs, and other highly skilled individuals can transform their abilities and reach new heights in their careers with this method.

A cutting edge approach improving your life

The Anat Baniel Method(sm) (ABM) combines innovative techniques and cutting-edge science to help you reach your true potential. This method has been helpful for treating developmental disorders, sports injuries, and repetitive stress injuries. ABM safely and effectively increases vitality and strength, allowing you to put more into and get more out of your life through the use of 9 Essentials.

The 9 Essentials for Vitality™ are what we need in order for our brains to continue to grow and form new connections and possibilities for us throughout life. ABM offers anti-aging solutions that are simple to follow and create transformations that border on the miraculous.  Pain and limitation are transformed into comfort, pleasure, energy, and satisfaction. Dullness is transformed into curiosity, interest and more vibrant intelligence. (Read about the 9 essentials in the book “Move Into Life,” by Anat Baniel).

Group and Individual Lessons

Functional Synthesis (FS)

Individual lessons allows you to create a specific individual plan and meet your own personal goals. Learn to develop and increase personal power, learn where you hold unnecessary tension, work on specific areas of interest, and address issues that will give you the most benefit.

Transformational Movement Lessons (TML)

Group lessons help you wake up your brain and provide tools your can use. Careful attention and gentle movements provide the basis for quick and lasting changes. Learn to move with greater ease and flexibility, while you challenge yourself to find the simplest and most enjoyable way to move.

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